My Gift to You by Lori Nawyn

Title: My Gift to You

Author: Lori Nawyn

Publisher: Covenant

Release Date: October, 2010

ISBN: 978-1-60861-101-0

Size: 200 pages, 5×7, softcover

Genre: General

Trish Ingram works hard to maintain the perfect suburban household— or, at least, the appearance of one. By managing her outer world with lavish attention and rigid control, she’s able to ignore and conceal the darkness of her inner world, which is plagued by traumatic childhood memories of loss.

Her terminally ill sister-in-law, Jamie, sees through the façade and reaches out in love to Trish, inspiring her to seek a more meaningful life and a more authentic self. But the childhood scars run deep, and despite Trish’s best efforts, she’s unable to be the wife and mother her family needs.

Devastated by the departure of her husband and daughter, Trish faces the challenge and opportunity of a lifetime. She desires to move forward in faith, but this desire alone cannot mend her family’s shattered trust. The hollow realm of denial and fear has been her safe haven. To confront pain and transcend the shadows of her past will require a level of courage she’s not sure she possesses.

This gripping and hopeful story of familial love and conflict tenderly reminds us that forgiveness—of self and others—is both a difficult choice and a precious gift.