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I’ve been told that no one from Utah or published in Utah can break into the national Christian market, regardless of religious afiliation or genre. Is this true?

That’s pretty much been my experience. You may find a few bookstores willing to carry you outside of Utah, but it’s going to be difficult.

Years ago I represented an author who had a wonderful, non-LDS, Christian oriented book for families. Latter-day Saints wouldn’t buy it because it was general Christian. Christians wouldn’t buy it because it was from Utah.

The author self-published, changing the title and pen name, but left the content exactly the same. They got a PO Box in a Bible belt state, and sold the book online. It did well enough that it was eventually picked up by a Christian publisher. I don’t think the publisher ever knew they were dealing with an LDS Utah resident.

As far as I know, it’s still the same. Readers? What has been your experience? No speculation. We want first-hand experiences.

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  1. Well, I haven't tried to publish in the Christian market (though I intend to try), but I do work for a Christian sci-fi magazine (Mindflights), and I have not hidden my Mormon-ness from them in any way (even sent out a Book of Mormon), and they aren't bothered by it. They've even published me. 🙂 And my author's bio clearly states that I'm from Utah. Can't speak to the novel markets, though.

  2. P.S. I'm also making lots of friends in the Christian market and reviewing their books for them on my blog. Can't hurt, I figure.

  3. I recently read an article in Mormon Times about an LDS author who writes for the Christian market. He was not known to be LDS, but when people found out, there was a hue and a cry. I didn't recognize his name (I guess I don't read the "Christian stuff")and he wrote about how he regretted not being clear about his LDS status from the beginning–but I doubt he would be published, either if he had.
    The "Christians" are afraid we are going to secretly and subtley indoctrinate them which is why they won't accept and LDS author.

  4. And here I was thinking I was a Christian. More and more people will change their bias as time goes by and markets will open up. And they'll say oh, you Mormons are Christians. And you're pretty good writers, too.

  5. More and more people will change their bias as time goes by and markets will open up. And they'll say oh, you Mormons are Christians.

    Unfortunately, that will never happen as long as there's a good portion of the evangelical community that hates us and actively preach hatred and fear against us from the pulpit.

    I live about 4 miles from the Liberty Jail in Missouri. Trust me, these people haven't forgotten, nor will they. Ever.

    Theologically speaking, they do not consider us Christians because we don't accept Trinitarians and we have extrabiblical scripture.

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