42 Feeling like the Grinch

“My heart is not two sizes too small Connie.” Kaida yelled annoyed that her little sister could be so ridiculous. It was two days before Christmas and Kaida wasn’t quite feeling the Christmas spirit.

“Mom I’m going to take the bus to the ski resort.” She called right as she was about to walk out the front door.

“Actually.” Mom said “Your Father and I thought that since it was so close to Christmas we could go skiing as a family.”

“Mom.” Kaida groaned.

“We’ll be ready in fifteen minutes.” Mom called as she made her way down the hall.

“Why are we going skiing?” Connie whined as the family piled into the car.

“To feel the Christmas spirit.” Dad said.

“More like you want to ruin my hair.” Connie griped turning her scowl out the window to the frozen landscape. “Why couldn’t we go ice skating. That’s so much more fun.”

Mom and Dad chose to ignore that comment.

Kaida wanted to gripe too but she stayed silent. They would probably have to go home and share the Christmas spirit by watching Frosty the Snowman if she started complaining also.

As soon as they were on the cross country skiing hills Mom told Kaida that if she tried to ditch them they she would be grounded for at least a month. Kaida decided that being grounded was definitely not worth it.

As they started skiing Kaida tried to show Mom and Dad what a terrible idea this was by glaring at everything that lived or breathed.

This didn’t work for long though because Mom had somehow gotten Connie into the Christmas Spirit or had given her too much candy. Either way Connie was giggling and laughing at things that didn’t seem at all funny to Kaida.

At one particular moment Connie was giggling like a hyena about something dad had whispered to her when they rounded the corner to a hill and Connie began slipping down the hill faster than she meant too witch made her grab onto dad trying to balance herself. This made dad start to fall also.

Kaida looked back at them and smirked. “Amateurs.” She muttered. But before she realized it they had run into her and the three of them had fallen onto the ground. Then mom who was bringing up the rear became part of the mess as she was unable to swerve out of the way. The three of them tried to get up but it was really hard because their skis were all tangled together.

Suddenly Connie started laughing and Kaida almost started to yell at her but then she realized what a scene they were making and she joined in laughing so hard that she almost fell over. Maybe the Spirit of Christmas wasn’t so bad after all.

3 thoughts on “42 Feeling like the Grinch”

  1. that's a very cute story! it's so true that every family has a "grinch" or someone that isn't always feeling the christmas spirit. it was nice to see that Kaida was easily cheered up by the laughter on the ski trip 🙂

  2. I liked this story. It was written well and it's realistic. Sometimes situations are all in your attitude. You can either choose to be annoyed by them, or laugh and realize it's funny. Good story!

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