Abish: Mother of Faith by K.C. Grant

Title: Abish: Mother of Faith

Author: K.C. Grant

Publisher: Covenant

Release Date: March, 2011


Size: 273 pages, 6×9, softcover

Genre: Historical

Series: Abish—Daughter of God

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The people of the Covenant have abandoned all weapons of war and have buried their swords deep in the earth. One thousand five Anti-Nephi-Lehies will die because of this valiant pacifist act. And even though an equal number of warring Lamanites will convert to the gospel of Christ after witnessing the faith of the martyrs, Abish will struggle over her husband’s death for decades to come — their two children a daily reminder of Jared, the man she loved.

Although she perseveres, raising Jarum and Miriam on her own, Abish battles to embrace forgiveness — since each day she must confront some of the same people who took her husband’s life. As Abish’s unsettled feelings continue, unrest among the Lamanites mounts with the threat of war becoming a nearly constant companion to Abish and her children — leading her son, Jarum, to a heroic decision.

Will this mother be able to find love again even while she tries to rekindle the strong faith she once had? Will her son be safe in his new life as a warrior for Helaman? Talented author K. C. Grant paints a compelling and inspiring work of fiction that highlights the real story of the Book of Mormon — the testimony that Christ the Savior came for all people and that faith in Him can overcome all fear.