LDSP Secrets Revealed!!!

Lisa Turner is one of seven women who blog at Mormon Mommy Writers.

She interviewed me last Saturday for her Saturday Stories series.

She was very, very sneaky and got me to reveal some personal information, such as:

  • the “catch” behind the free writing advice dispensed here
  • my lifelong search for the one true green jell-o recipe
  • the scam behind the Whitney Awards
  • and much more!

Go check it out HERE.

5 thoughts on “LDSP Secrets Revealed!!!”

  1. That was entertaining and very enlightening. My suspicion is that many know the true identity of the "free advice guru" in the SLC valley, but have been sworn to secrecy. Personally, I'm always suspicious of anonymous people giving advice. Do they really have the chops?

    Signed, Anonymous

  2. Who is this Charlie Moore guy anyway? I'd never tell him my name. Or my phone number. Or my favorite color. Or my worst nightmare. Or my multimillion dollar book deal. Or any of my other sins.

  3. PS: I read your interview. Great stuff. You really should do stand up. Or sit down. Or some other blog comedy. Along with the free advice, of course. May all your edits be short. And may you never recieve a poorly written querry letter from a newbie. Ever.

  4. I am an enigma. Not even my wife or my bishop know who I really am. Although, I did slip one time and tell my wife I was a really nice guy. She bought it.


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