Constant Hearts by Donna Hatch

Title: Constant Hearts

Author: Donna Hatch


Release Date: April 28, 2011


Size: eBook, 14619 words

Genre: Regency Romance

The scandalous Lady Amelia Dasherwood would rather thumb her nose at the society who shunned her for getting a divorce, but must now face those who rejected her in order to solicit aid for a forgotten orphanage dear to her.

Newly returned from the horrors of war, Dr. Reed St. Ives plans to make a new life as a country doctor and forget Amelia ever existed–after all, she broke his heart when she married another man. Yet she keeps invading his thoughts and showing up when he least expects her. If only he could find a cure for his own heart.

When fate reunites them, the last thing they want is to face the heartbreak that tore them apart years ago. Amelia must choose between honoring her family’s wishes to deny her heart again, or declaring herself and risking Reed’s rejection. Placing her heart at his feet would take the most courage of all.