Mr. B Speaks! by Katherine Woodbury

Title: Mr. B Speaks!

Author: Katherine Woodbury

Publisher: Peaks Island Press

Release Date: June 3, 2011

Size: ebook

Genre: Romance

Novella. This book may not be eligible for a Whitney Award, due to length. ??

First published in 1740, Samuel Richardson’s “Pamela,” the story of a maid who marries way up, was scandalous in its time. For those familiar with its profound influence on the romance genre, it continues to be scandalous today, though for quite different reasons.

Unfortunately, the book is largely forgotten outside of academia. Fortunately, Katherine Woodbury has read it so you don’t have to!

As she did with “A Man of Few Words,” Fitzwilliam Darcy’s version of the critical events in “Pride and Prejudice,” Katherine Woodbury has again taken a literary classic and flipped the narrative point of view upside down. This time, though, with a postmodern twist.

In a world where characters from novels can be put on trial for their literary crimes, Mr. B, the famously redeemed rake of “Pamela,” must defend his actions before a panel of skeptical literary scholars. Can he salvage his good name and win back his wife?

Step into the courtroom and judge for yourself!

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