The Key of Kilenya by Andrea Pearson

Title: The Key of Kilenya

Author: Andrea Pearson

Publisher: CreateSpace

Release Date: July 28, 2011

ISBN: 978-1463671839

Size: 306 pages, 5×8, softcover

Genre: YA Fantasy

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When two vicious wolves chase fourteen-year-old Jacob Clark down a path from our world into another, his life is forever changed. He has no idea they have been sent by the Lorkon—evil, immortal beings who are jealous of powers he doesn’t know he possesses—powers they desire to control.

The inhabitants of the new world desperately need Jacob’s help in recovering a magical key that was stolen by the Lorkon and is somehow linked to him. If he helps them, his life will be at risk. But if he chooses not to help them, both our world and theirs will be in danger. The Lorkon will stop at nothing to unleash the power of the key—and Jacob’s special abilities.