The Golden Cup of Kardak by Annette Lyon

Title: The Golden Cup of Kardak

Author: Annette Lyon


Release Date: August 2011


Size: 55,000 words, approx 191 pages, ebook

Genre: Middle-grade Fantasy

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Ever since their father went to fight in Midian’s War two years earlier, fourteen-year old Torin and twelve-year-old Merinne have been forced to fend for themselves, hoping one day their family will be reunited. But when a short woman with odd clothing finds Torin in the wood and tells him their father is a prisoner scheduled to be executed in fourteen days, his hopes for ever being a family again are dashed.

Then a tiny green dragon shows up at their cottage, wounded and near death but lugging a legendary golden goblet behind him. He brings word of a prophecy that the siblings are to not only rescue their father but save the kingdom.

With the help of Markanus, a wounded solider, they set out on a quest to free their father. In their search for the secret prison, the small group faces near-capture by the ruthless enemy army, a maze of terrifying underground caverns, kidnapping by giant hairy creatures that will kill them to keep the goblet, capture by outlaws, and attacks by snake-tongued flying beasts with razor-sharp talons.

To succeed they must find help to deliver the goblet to their father and somehow muster the courage it will take to stay alive.

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