Indelible by Lani Woodland

Title: Indelible (Yara Silva, book 2)

Author: Lani Woodland

Publisher: Pendrell Publishing

Release Date: September 27, 2011

ISBN: 978-0982729724

Size: 416 pages, hardcover

Genre: YA Fantasy

Series: Intrinsical (bk 1)

Yara is beginning to understand just how much her life will change now that her Waker abilities have emerged. She has come to terms with the fact that seeing ghosts is part of her life, but she isn t ready to let being a Waker dictate her choices. All she wants is a ghost-free senior year with her boyfriend, Brent, and her best friend, Cherie. But Yara soon discovers that there are more dark secrets in her school s history than just the curse she broke. While an angry ghost makes Yara question everything she thought she knew about spirits, she and Brent learn that there are long reaching consequences to last year s adventures. As new enemies emerge and old ghosts resurface, Yara finds herself in the center of another deadly mystery, and this time she has to contend with the living as well as the dead.

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