Mea Culpa

Will the submissions from 2010 ever learn if they were good enough for your compilation or get the promised critique? It’s hard to want to participate again when we’re still all in limbo from B of M and last year’s Christmas contest.

I thought I’d tied up all the loose ends for the last two contests, but it looks like I didn’t. I sincerely apologize.

  1. Book of Mormon Anthology: I did an update post here and I remember posting about it since then and saying “no anthology” but now I can’t find the post where I said it. That was a very messy time in my personal life—starting a new job, being overwhelmed with family issues. I confess, I let some things slide back then. I am sorry.

    The official status is: No Book of Mormon Anthology to be published at this time.

    There is a very slim possibility I may reconsider it in the future, but don’t count on it until I contact you (the authors) directly.

    If you did not receive the critique on your BofM story, please e-mail me.

  2. 2010 Christmas Stories: All authors should have been notified by email with their critiques. I clearly remember sending those out because I was so proud of myself when I finished the last of them.

    If you did not receive the critique your 2010 Christmas story, please e-mail me.

Again, I’m very sorry for dropping the ball and I am promising I will do better this time.

But. Even if I do flake out (which I’m not intending to do but who knows—my house may be taken out by an earthquake at any second and if that happens, critiquing your stories will fall to the bottom of my to do list), you STILL get some valuable feedback from readers.

So please, please, please—send in your stories.

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  1. I know I've said it before, but I hope you do get a chance to publish the B of M collection. It would be a great thing for the youth to have that to read.

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