Publishing Artwork

I have a photograph I would like to get published of the Sacred Grove. Do you have any suggestions on how to publish art? Who is the best publishing company? Is Deseret Publishing the best route?

I am not an art publisher. At one time I worked for a company that distributed artwork, but later decided to drop the art and focus on books.

There are some companies that specialize in publishing LDS artwork. I did a post showing some of them from the 2010 LDSBA convention. You could try contacting them.

You might also Google “lds art distributor” and go from there.

Readers, any suggestions?

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  1. LDS Publisher–I am so glad you're doing posts again. I didn't realized how much I missed this. Thanks!

  2. There are places online where you can post pictures for free, or to collect a payment for each use. It's not really the same as going through a publishing company, but it's an option.

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