Sholpan by Joe Vasicek

Title: Sholpan (book 2)

Author: Joe Vasicek

Publisher: Self

Release Date: September 17, 2011


Size: eBook; 35,000 words

Genre: Science Fiction

Gaia Nova Series: Bringing Stella Home (bk 1)

Caution: This book may contain objectionable content. (PG-13)

She’d rather die than be a slave to the conquerors of her home world.

When Stella McCoy left home to work as an apprentice astrogator, she never expected to fall prisoner to the brutal Hameji space nomads–much less become a concubine to the chief commander of their battle fleets. As she looks for a chance to escape, she finds friends in unexpected places, even as the dangerous world of harem politics threatens to destroy her.

Sholpan is a 35,000 word companion novella to Bringing Stella Home, and follows Stella’s storyline through the first half of the full length novel. About 25% of the novella contains new material not included in Bringing Stella Home.

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