Old Maid of Honor by Heather Horrocks

Part-time clown Amelia White has a detailed list of traits and accomplishments that make for her perfect man and she won’t marry anyone lacking even one of them.

Perhaps that’s why she’s nearly thirty and still unmarried.

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride seems to apply to both her and her roommate, until Stacy announces her upcoming and unexpected wedding.

Now Amelia is feeling like an Old Maid of honor.

When she is introduced to Ben Adams and begins to spend time with him, she is delighted to check off all the items on her list and believes he might just be The One. As she falls in love, she learns she has assumed a great deal and Ben is not the man she thought he was. But, even so, could he prove to be the perfect man for her?

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Title: Old Maid of Honor

Author: Heather Horrocks

Publisher: Word Garden Press

Release Date: January 11, 2012


Size: eBook; print version available soon

Genre: Romantic Comedy