2011 Romantic Comedy Book Covers

Please vote for your favorite cover using the poll at the bottom of the post. 
Remember, we’re voting for the COVER, not the story or the author.  
Voting deadline: Midnight, Friday, February 10, 2012.
Publisher: Word Garden Press
Cover Design: ??
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Cover Design: Danie Romrell
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Cover Design: Angela D. Olsen
Publisher: Covenant
Cover Design: Jennie Williams
Publisher: Covenant
Cover Design: Christina Marcano

5 thoughts on “2011 Romantic Comedy Book Covers”

  1. Granted, as a male my design aesthetic is going to be different than the target audience, but I think both of Melanie Jacobson's covers are pretty great. Melanie needs to pop in and tell us who did them.

  2. Jennie Williams did The List, and Christina Marcano did Not My Type. Thanks for recognizing their great work!

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