Mythworld: Invisible Moon by James A. Owen

Invisible Moon, takes place in a small haven called Silvertown, in upstate New York, where a journalist named Meredith has just received news of the murder of her father – Michael Langbein. But before he died, he sent her a clue to his death and to the strange and terrifying changes taking place all around the world: a page from the mysterious Prime Edda.

With the help of her lover Shingo, and the photographer Weird Harold, Meredith begins to investigate as a terrible winter settles over the world… and everything begins to change. Technology no longer works. Electricity fails. Vehicles are turning into mythological creatures… and so are the people – including Meredith herself, who may be turning into the Russian witch, Baba Yaga…

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Title: Mythworld: Invisible Moon (book 2)

Author: James A. Owen

Publisher: Coppervale Press

Release Date: April 10, 2012

ASIN: B007T5361Y

Size: 140 pages, ebook

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Mythworld Series: Festival of Bones (bk 1)