LDSP at Last Year’s Whitney Awards

Following the LDStorymakers Conference, there will be the annual Whitney Awards presentation. This is a red-carpet event and everyone dresses up in their finest.

Here are a few photos of me from last year’s Whitney Awards Gala.

Annette Lyon, winner for Best General Fiction, and Me


Me with that slightly popular sci-fi/fantasy writer, Brandon Sanderson. He won for Best Speculative Fiction, and tied for Best Novel of the Year.


Me, Jeff Savage (awesome Middle Grade Fantasy writer), and Stephanie Black, winner for Best Mystery/Suspense


Julie Wright, winner for Best Romance, and Me


Me and Stephanie Black, winner for Best Mystery Suspense (we took another photo because Jeff was blocking my award...)


Marion Jenson, Robison Wells, Erin, and Me—having a group hug


The women from LDSWBR—Mindy Holt, Me, Sheila Staley, and Shandra Cottam


(All photos stolen with permission from Stephanie Black at


3 thoughts on “LDSP at Last Year’s Whitney Awards”

    1. It was mortifying and I chastised Stephanie for her faux pas. But this year, I have a plan. See tomorrow’s post…

  1. Except for the one picture where you stole Julie Wright’s dress.

    (And before I realized that’s what you had done, I was trying to magnify on the award to see if I could read it.)

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