Help Title Our Christmas Anthology!


<——- See this?

This is the cover for our first Christmas collection.

The cover for the second one (to be released next month) is not quite ready to be unveiled. It will have different colors and images, but will hopefully have the same feel to it.

However, the inside of the second LDS Publisher Christmas short story collection is now in typesetting. Yay!

But. We have a problem…

We need YOUR help coming up with a title.


The lead story in the first collection was “Stolen Christmas” by Sarah M. Eden. So we titled the book, Stolen Christmas and Other Stories of the Season. Had a nice ring to it.

In this second collection, the lead story is…drum roll…

“Checkin’ It Twice” by Michael Young


We need a title along the lines of Checkin’ It Twice and _____

We want it to be clear from the title that it’s a collection of stories. Tie in holiday imagery or phrase. We like alliteration, but not if it’s forced. Some of the stories are funny, others more thoughtful, so we need something that allows for both. Oh, and we need it by Friday!

Leave your suggestion in the comments of this post. If we use your idea, you’ll be mentioned in the credits. If two people suggest the same thing, the comment with the earliest date/time stamp gets the credit.

Okay. Ready… go!


8 thoughts on “Help Title Our Christmas Anthology!”

  1. wish I’d known, I have a poem you might have liked… ah well…

    hope the new collection is ..,nutty and nice ;o)

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