Only Hours Left!

That’s right.

See this countdown?

It stops at midnight, mountain time.

What? You’re going to give up because you haven’t even started yet?

Some of my best work is done at the last minute because it forces me to turn off that internal editor.

Give it a try! You can do it!

Details here.

One thought on “Only Hours Left!”

  1. A few days ago, I almost didn’t enter because I thought I didn’t have enough time. But then I realized, when I’m working on my books, I can do 3,000 words in an hour or two. And, the MAX is 3,000 words. I could write less. So, I decided to go for it, and found that my problem was keeping it UNDER 3,000 words. I had to trim it and it is exactly. 3,000 words. So I told my friends who thought it wasn’t enough time, GO FOR IT!

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