A Blind Eye by Julie Daines

Some people are born blind. For some, tragedy leaves them blind. And then there are those who simply refuse to see. This is a story about all three.

Seventeen-year-old Christian Morris decides the only way to save himself from his father’s neglect is to run away from home. On his way out of town, he finds a stowaway hiding in his car—Scarlett, who has been kidnapped from London. Blind since birth, Scarlett has developed a sixth sense: she dreams about someone’s death before it happens. And now, she has dreamed about her own.

Christian’s attempt to leave home turns into a race to save Scarlett from death by scientific experimentation. His growing relationship with the girl helps him to look past his own blindness and confront the truth about his father. But first, he must find the kidnappers before they can get to Scarlett.

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Title: A Blind Eye

Author: Julie Daines

Publisher: Covenant

Release Date: January 28, 2013

ISBN: 978-1621082521

Size: 176 pages, 6×9, softcover

Genre: Young Adult Romantic Suspense with a splash of paranormal (psychic ability)


6 thoughts on “A Blind Eye by Julie Daines”

  1. Julie Daines knocked it out of the park! The pacing was just right. Lots of edge of your seat tension, but moments of quiet and humor too. Plausible character motivation and action. Strong, believable characters. Solid writing.

    This book is fantastic! Trust me on this one. Read it! I give it 5 stars. Recommended to teen readers, 14 and up, who like contemporary mystery/suspense/action and to adults who like a good suspense without the gore.

    Full review at: http://bit.ly/WUqfWv

  2. This book was SO GOOD!
    It has everything I love in a book…suspense, mystery, and humor, all rolled-up in a little bit of romance.
    The storyline is awesome!
    This book is definitely a must-read!

    1. Jennie, I have no idea what happened. There used to be stars. The code was there. But suddenly, it’s gone…? I’m blaming it on gremlins.

      Anyway, I put new code in but unfortunately the ratings that were there before are gone. So anyone who rated this book, please come rate it again.

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