We Need a Little Christmas…

…right this very minute! *

Okay, maybe not THIS exact minute but very soon.

There are going to be some MAJOR changes here on LDS Publisher over the next month. (Lots of changes that may even change the course of history.) I’ll be making announcements every couple of days but the first one is:

Christmas Anthology #3

So, remember that Christmas story contest I held last year that I’ve never gotten around to posting comments on or sending out promised evaluations? Yeh, that one.

Well, it was the last one. We won’t be doing those here anymore. Sorry. And I can’t even say I’ll eventually get those evals to you. It just takes a lot of time and my day job is keeping me pretty busy. So if any of you want to go back and offer your own evals and comments on those stories, go right ahead. (The authors will appreciate it—and so will I.)

Okay, so even though I’m admitting to being a major slacker, I do want to create a THIRD AND FINAL Christmas story anthology for release this fall. The winners of the contest are automatically in this new anthology. But I need about 10 more stories. A few I’ll pull from the contest but I’m open to looking at new stories for inclusion. They won’t be posted here on the website and they won’t be voted on, but I will read them and get back to you by the end of the summer.

If you’re interested, here are the details:

  • Christmas themed short story, any genre, appropriate for LDS readers, written by LDS authors. Previously unpublished.
  • Maximum word count = 3,000.
  • Copy and paste the story into an email. Do NOT send attachments.
  • Submission Deadline: June 30, 2013

Please follow these guidelines to the letter! For best practices, you can read through this post and follow those very detailed guidelines. Just remember, no posting, no winners announced, no evals.

*To help get you in the mood: We Need a Little Christmas

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  1. The contests were fun, and already changed the course of my history. Thanks for putting them on!

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