I Love My Job!

Back from another convention. This one was a 15 hour day, on my feet, selling and promoting books. For those who say publishers never promote/market books, let me just say, “thluuuubbbb!” That’s the sound of polite but sincere raspberries. It’s also the sound of my swollen ankles deflating.

I love promoting “my” books. (Yes, they’re really yours, but they’re mine too because I love them.) I love the energy. I love seeing the spark in the eyes of the buyers I’m courting–the moment I know I’ve hooked them. (I know it about 3 seconds before they do.) I love that sense of mission accomplished. And I love e-mailing my authors afterward and giving them quotes from the people who bought their books. That is fun. It’s the second funnest part of my job.

The first funnest part is creating, editing, polishing, designing…in other words, being midwife to the birth of your soul baby. That is the reason I was born. I love my job.

I just thought it was important to share that with you, to help dispel the myth that we editors and publishers are just a cranky old bunch of snooty writer wannabees.

P.S. To those of you who were expecting some posted entries to my writing prompt contest, apparently no one felt like playing this week. That’s okay. We’ll try it again another time.