Turn Your Vacation Into Book Sales

It’s summer! That means vacations and travel plans for most of us. Did you now that as an author you have the ability to write off some, if not all, of your vacation costs as a legitimate, tax-deductible business expense?*

It’s true! Plan a book signing, workshop or fireside at the location you’re visiting and you can call it a business trip. It only takes a few hours away from your vacation time, and it’s a great way to boost book sales and earn a few tax deductions. For example, the last time I visited my family (out of state), I gave a fireside in my home ward on a topic from one of my books. It was a wonderful experience. I got to share something I believed in with people I have known and loved all my life. It boosted sales of that particular book in that area. And my plane ticket was a business expense.

In some cases, you can also write off a trip as research for a new book. This works well for fiction writers who want to regionalize their book (ex: visting Nauvoo to research the setting for a historical novel) or if you need to interview someone in the location you’re visiting (ex: interview your grandparents, then use that as an example in a book on writing personal or family histories).

Think creatively. I’ll bet you can come up with several ways your vacation can be turned to a business advantage.

*This posting is to help spark ideas for combining business with pleasure. The examples cited may or may not be legal deductions in your personal situation. This post is not to be considered accurate tax advice or information. Consult your accountant for details on deducting legitimate business expenses.