Pitch #1

Sixteen year old Kiley Robinson thinks the Church’s stand on body piercing is old-fashioned and out of step, until her belly-button ring is exactly what attracts the attention of a crazed religious zealot looking to add to his harem of new young wives. Kidnapped and locked in solitary confinement, Kiley has plenty of time to reflect on her life choices. Prayer, repentance and a strength gained from knowing God loves you no matter what happens in your life, give Kiley the courage and ability to endure and finally to escape. (90 words)

2 thoughts on “Pitch #1”

  1. I like the idea of finding God’s love even in the midst of a situation we’ve brought on by our own rebellion. I think this is a message that needs to go out to some of our youth. Too many times, they mess up, find themselves in over their heads and feel like their mistake is too big to resolve. So for that reason alone, I’d ask for a partial.

    This is a pretty clearly written pitch-that’s your strongest point- but in a real query I’d also want to know how it differs from all the other crazed religious zealot kidnappings. I don’t want movie-of-the-week stories, or a re-telling of Elizabeth Smart. But if it was well done, and had something unexpected in it, maybe…

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