Convention Countdown–Day 11

Stats have jumped on this site since I started the Convention Countdown. Is this topic really that interesting? When I started it, I was letting off steam. The next day, I felt bad about that and was going to delete the post entirely, but–surprise!–there were positive comments about it. So I guess I’ll continue the update until I get comments otherwise.

I will not be “working” today or tomorrow because I have some family events that require my physical presence, and at least half my attention. These people who have lived with me during the entire time that I’ve been a publisher stilll seem to think that summer is for vacations and fun and trips to the water park and theme parks and shopping and all. I tell them, “No, summer is for conventions and publishing. Go watch a video.” But they mutinied. And I either have to have fun this weekend or walk the plank. (Actually, they threatened to feed me to the Kraken.)

But back to the convention. Each year, the convention has a theme. This year it’s “Riding the Wave into the Future.” Here’s the convention logo. Isn’t it pretty?

We are encouraged to decorate our booths to reflect the theme. They even have prizes for the best decorated booths. We never win. I’m not that creative. I have no idea what we’re going to do in our booth yet. That is next week’s task. If you have any ideas for something cheap and easy, let me know ASAP.

This year is also the 25th anniversary of the association. What a huge milestone. I love this association. The people who are part of it are very committed to helping the industry grow and succeed. They have a passion for what they do; they’re excited about it. I think it’s a great vehical for helping vendors and buyers get to know each other on a personal basis. It makes selling and shopping easier for everyone. It also helps small publishers network together, sharing ideas, resources, problem-solving together. It’s a wonderful thing. I hope it lasts another 25 years.

(And anyone who says that the association has a hidden political agenda, or that it’s run by Deseret Book, or any of that other nonsense needs to go have their meds checked.)

3 thoughts on “Convention Countdown–Day 11”

  1. I think we all love this stuff. It is so interesting. I’m very curious about the convention and you give us great insights. I’m sure we’ll all want comments after as well. Thanks!

  2. You could wear a grass skirt and some coconut shells and hand out leis and sunscreen. Or, you could roast a whole pig with an apple in its mouth and have it displayed there on the table. Sorry, got caught up in the riding the wave theme.

    Thank you for taking the time to do this blog and let us in on the workings of the convention. Sounds like a lot of fun and a ton of work.

  3. I thought about the grass skirts, but the men who will be working in the booth refused to cooperate. Hadn’t thought about a roasted pig…oh wait, the convention center has a monopoly on overpriced food and we’re not allowed to bring in our own. Bummer.

    Actually, working on the convention is usually pretty fun. In past years we would have been completely ready with catalogs and decorations by now. We’re just a little behind this year, which is making it stressful and therefore, less fun. But I’m sure that when those doors open, it’ll be just as fun as in years past.

    And yes, I’ll certainly report on the convention. I’ll try to get photos if I can.

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