Convention Countdown–Day 12

Someone asked for a breakdown of my day, so here it is:

Paid bills; returned phone calls & e-mails. I’ve been trying to reach one of my authors for a week now. She isn’t returning my phone calls or e-mails. Wondering if she’s on vacation; wishing I was. (2 hours)

Went to the printer #1 and did a press check. They told me it was done yesterday (remember, I forgot to go). When I got there it wasn’t ready and she said it would be done in an hour. Like I have time to wait around for an hour. So I was grumpy and they got it together in 10 minutes. Looks pretty good. Should be ready by Monday. (1 hour)

Printer #2 called and said there was a problem with my files. Where was the booklet; they could only find the cover. Of course, I’m in the car, not at my office and can’t resend the files. They called back. They just looked at page one; didn’t realize it was a 24 page document. That was a wasted panic attack. Forced to self-medicate with a candy bar. (15 minutes)

More phone calls; more e-mails. Finally worked up the courage to tell my author the release date is delayed. He wasn’t too upset. Worked on promotional pieces for convention; sent them to the printer #1. (3 hours)

Went to printer #2 for the press check. They expect to have this piece done by Tuesday, so we can open packages, insert them and reseal the packages on Wednesday. I say “we” but I really mean the author. While I was there, checked on the progress of a book that I expected to be done last week. It’s printed and bound; just needs to be trimmed. (1 hour)

More phone calls; more e-mails. Negotiating for the cool new product; writing a proposal; adjusting the contract; trying to figure out how to make a seamless transition. (Impossible.) Wondering if it’s worth the trouble. (6.25 hours)

Total Workday: 13.5 hours.

We’re not counting the time spent to create this blog. That’s not work, it’s fun.

I will be so glad when the convention is over.

2 thoughts on “Convention Countdown–Day 12”

  1. 13.5 hours? Is that a normal day for you? Or is it unusually long because of the LDSBA?

    I appreciate hearing what you do in your day. Now I won’t feel so bad when my editor doesn’t get right back to me.

  2. It’s a normal day from May through August. The rest of the year, I work more traditional hours.

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