Need More Photos

Here are some of the booths that I do not have photos of, but I think you’d be interested in. If any readers know someone in these companies and can get a photo of their booths, please do so and send it to me.

The ones in blue are publishers.

Bargain Shoppe (lots of really cute stuff)

Bonfire Press (a new small press)

Brigham Distributing (one of the bigger distributors)

Cedar Fort’s wall of water

Covenant Communications

Creative Memories and/or Finch Family Games (they both do fun idea books)

Eborn Books

FCP Publishing

Gem Smith (jewelry)

Genealogical Publishing/Parables (E.P. Bentley)

Gibbs Smith

Granite (from the front)

Greg Kofford Books

Latter Day Designs (Book of Mormon toys)

Naag Tag (etched glass items, mini missionary tags, nature photos with sound)

Penny Press (make smashed penny art)

Richard Maher

RingMasters (live fish)

Rosehaven/Mapletree (they were in the same booth)

Signature Books

Spring Creek

Walking the Line (self-publisher)