Post-Convention Brain Death

Been spending this week processing orders and tidying up the loose ends that were left hanging while I prepared for the convention. I’d love to post something witty and entertaining, but to be perfectly honest, my brain is on idle. I can’t think of a single thing to say at the moment.

Still trying to round up some of the requested booth photos.

As to the request for a complete list of the 119 vendors with their product and contact info, that is just beyond me. Between the list and the individual photos, I’ve posted about 35-40 of them. I have the list on paper but the thought of keying all that info in is just too much to contemplate. Sorry.

Time for a New Contest
I want to run another contest in September. Do you want to do a Query contest? Another Pitch contest? A first paragraph contest? A writing prompt contest? Or maybe I should run a contest for contest ideas?? E-mail your suggestions by the end of the month.