The Phoenix Has Risen!

I’ve decided I should never post anything after 9:00 p.m., because that’s my preferred bedtime (when children and work let me live according to my own personal bio-rhythms) and my brain has completely turned off by then. I sound down and depressed, when I’m really just tired.

The true story behind yesterday’s post is that I’ve been re-invigorated. LDSBA and the associated events have reminded me of why I made the decision to become an LDS publisher in the first place. The month before convention is always hard and stressful, but the convention itself infuses me with energy which I can live on for months. So no more down and grumpy posts for me.

About this contest idea–so far the vote is exactly split between the four suggestions I made, with most of you voting for two options at a time. C’mon guys, that is just no help at all! If I don’t get a tie breaker, I’ll just put them in a bowl and pull one out each month. How’s that?

Someone asked if I’d be willing to have another publisher/editor do a guest post on this blog. Certainly! Have them e-mail it to me with instructions on whether they want to be anonymous or identified.

I’m wrapping up all the convention posts and photos. I want to finish off this topic this weekend. So if you have anything to add or ask, send it NOW.

Next week I’m going to start a discussion on contracts–what’s fair, what’s not, what to look for, what’s a deal breaker. If you have any contract clauses you’d like to have evaluated, send them to me and I will include them in my discussion.