The Whitney Awards

I’ve already seen info about the Whitney Awards on several blogs.

I cannot express what a fantabulous idea I think this is. Spread the word. Tell every LDS author you know about it.

Here is a link to the press release.

Odds & Ends:
LDSBA: On another note, we’re moving into the home stretch for the LDS Booksellers convention this year. It’s August 15-17. I mention this because for the next 8 weeks, my life will be crazy and it will be my excuse if I miss a day or two here. (If you click on the LDSBA label you can read all about last year’s convention.)

CONTEST: Absolutely no one has submitted any marketing ideas to the contest. No interest? Or are your insulted by the cheesy prizes?

4 thoughts on “The Whitney Awards”

  1. Aren’t the Whitney awards a project of the LDStorymakers? And do awards only go to books written by members of LDStorymakers–an organization that, by my understanding, an author can not join unless he/she is invited?

    I think this is a legitimate question and it is not meant to offend any members of LDStorymakers, but I think those who have not been invited to join this group may want to know.

  2. The Whitney Awards are the brain-child of LDStorymaker members.

    Awards will go to the best books as judged by the awards committee, regardless of author, publisher or other affiliation. The committee will be made up of a variety of people, the majority of which,to my understanding, will not be LDStorymaker members.

    Award committee members are not eligible.

    If you are a published writer, you may ask to join. You do not have to wait for an invitation.


  3. Yes, it is a very legitimate concern.

    While the awards are organized and sponsored by the LDStorymakers, the voting academy will be comprised mostly of non-Storymakers: publishers, bookstore owners, critics, distributors, and other industry professionals.

    As for joining Storymakers, we want ALL LDS writers to join. The only requirement is that you have published a novel with a legitimate publisher (loosely defined as a publisher who publishes at least three novels per year by at least two different authors) within the last three years. If you fall into that category, we would love for you to join us. There is no approval committee, or vote–if you fit that one qualification, you’re in. No invitations required.

    Rob Wells
    Whitney Committee President

  4. Thank you for the clarification. Apparently things have changed. In the beginning, the storymakers didn’t accept new members unless they were invited in to the group–they made that clear on their website. For a while they gave the appearance of being a very selective group. I did not know the restriction had been lifted, but it’s nice to know they have a more welcoming policy today.

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