Second Time Charm?

When you receive a manuscript from an author you’ve already published, does that manuscript go through the same process as unsolicited manuscripts? Do you give it special attention?

Basically the process is the same but it’s faster. I know it’s coming so when the book arrives, it goes to the top of my reading list. It doesn’t have to wait its turn in the slush pile. The manuscript still has to be read by me, by our readers, and make its way through committee and that takes a certain amount of time, but hopefully, the author has learned from early experiences with us and knows the types of things we’re going to have them change or fix. Theoretically, the editing, rewriting and committee process goes faster too. If the book is good and we accept it, we get it on the publishing schedule as soon as possible to take advantage of the previous book’s momentum.

Is it harder or easier for a writer to have a second manuscript accepted?

It really depends on how well the first book sold. If the book sold as expected, it’s easier because we know you and you’re a hot commodity. If your first book didn’t sell so well, there is a hesitancy to invest in something else by the same author unless it’s significantly better or different.