Heart’s Desire by Steven D. Nielsen

Title: Heart’s Desire (Two Runs of Stone, v3)

Author: Steven D. Nielsen

Publisher: Granite

Release Date: May 28, 2009

ISBN: 978-1599360416

Size: 360 pgs, 6×9, softcover

Genre: Historical

Series: A Beckoning Call, Windships America

Elizabeth Anne Brown’s only daughter had been buried at sea. Belief in the Lord Jesus Christ had sustained our Lady of Herbs through the intense trauma and difficult voyage, but now huddled alone in her blankets on a snow bound prairie in America, Elizabeth Anne found her faith in God and His true and living Church, wavering.

Meanwhile laying awake on the same lonely prairie a few tents away, Peter and Maren Jensen were warm enough as they snuggled together under their heavy bed roll, nevertheless the cold chill of possibly losing her baby had Maren fretful.

Now listening to oxen bawling for fresh grass and her husband s fitful snores, Maren had her doubts. Expecting their first child had the young bride feeling awkward, ugly and extremely vulnerable. Why does God try women so severely?!!

Meanwhile in far away Manhattan, another group of immigrant Saints crowded the rooms and hallways of an aging four story hotel. Having recently processed through immigration at Castle Gardens, over three hundred church members had clamored down the icy, wet narrow streets of the dark city and up dim lit stairways into heaven.

Whether out on the prairies or on trains leaving New York City, searching among the throng of immigrants, the readers will recognize many old friends from Denmark and England and despite the harsh conditions, adventure and romance blossom as these Saints of God make their way West.