Briana, My Brother, and the Blog by Jack Weyland

Title: Briana, My Brother, and the Blog

Author: Jack Weyland

Publisher: Shadow Mountain

Release Date: October, 2009


Size: softcover

Genre: YA

Brianna needs a friend, someone to keep her from being lonely while she’s waiting for her missionary, Robbie, to come home. And who better for the job than Robbie’s brother, Austin? He can keep the other men at bay while giving Brianna guy-type help, like hauling her harp around on weekends to play at wedding receptions.

Austin needs a friend, too. And Brianna is the perfect choice since there’s no romantic involvement — of course not, how could there be, she’s waiting for his brother, after all. As a friendship develops between Austin and Brianna, Austin is free to learn what it means to be “true and faithful friends” with a girl.

He begins posting his findings in blog entries that quickly gather a following of interested readers. But what will happen to his friendship with Brianna when she finds out who the real author of the blog is? Because the truth is, Austin isn’t looking for just a friend anymore, but something more. Will he have the courage to tell Brianna the truth — before Robbie comes home?

3 thoughts on “Briana, My Brother, and the Blog by Jack Weyland”

  1. This book seems awesome. Like something that typically happens at colleges with girls waiting for missionaries.

  2. I'm excited to read this since the main character plays the harp like me!:) I don't read a lot of books with harpists in them!:)

  3. Not the best Jack Weyland book by a long shot. I'd recommend the "Samaritan Bueno" over this one if you're going to spend time reading one of Weyland's new books.

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