11 thoughts on “2009 Historical Cover Finalists”

  1. Abish is a babe! I really like the way the picture fades around the edges, and she's just very captivating. That got my vote.

  2. I like the contrast of a young woman, bridelike, against the old historical temple in the background. It gives me both a sense of youthful hopefulness and ancient continuation.

  3. I vote for Towers of Strength (I love the coloring and the expression on the girls face) but a VERY close pick was Abish because she's striking and I love that her face stands out more than her abiyah.

  4. I had to go with Abish although I also liked Tower of Strength. That's just a beautiful and intriguing looking cover. I wanted to know more about her.

  5. The cover art for In the Company of Angels evokes a tender emotional response. It catches the potential reader's eye and then his/her heart.

  6. I choose In the Company of Angels, because of the little drama I can see; it's obviously freezing cold, the woman is alone with her big, heavy handcart, and yet the sun has broken through the clouds and she's looking up at it. I see a picture of hope in the midst of despair.

    Setting Sail would have been my second choice, I think, but the cover of Abish reminded me of a certain picture I saw once on the cover of National Geographic.

  7. Abish! The girl is just too beautiful to pass up–it reminds me of one of my favorite National Geographic covers.

  8. Since this is the history genre, it's important to set the time and place right away. For me, Setting Sail was the winner by a nose. The ship and the flag places it firmly in its historical setting. The flag placement balances the tipping ship. I like the font. If I were browsing for a historical novel, this one would definitely pique my interest.

    I love the painting for Tower of Strength. This is another one that clearly places it in its place in history. I love the colors, the girl with the temple behind her. It's winter, yet she has flowers in her hair—like she refuses to give in to the harshness of her life. Love it.

    I LOVE the font work on Abish. That is just amazing—and the way the subtitle is tucked into that little space underneath. I also think the model's face is captivating—although not quite true historically. I don't think Abish would really wear that much mascara.

    The Light Above gives you the feel of the 1800s. I love the clothing, the riverbank, and that light coming off the river, as well as the halo effect around the two people. This is one I'd pick up off the shelf.

    In the Company of Angels also has good font work—I like the contrast between the first part of the title and the word "Angels". I also like the way the sun is peeking out from behind the clouds and shining down on the wagon. The only issue I have is, I can't tell if it's an adult woman or a girl on the front. I'm guessing girl???

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