Which Book Would You Pick as the 2009 Best General Fiction?

Last Whitney voting category today and the last chance to catch up on the past weeks to state your opinion before the winners are announced tomorrow.

The nominees for best GENERAL FICTION are:

In the comments section, state which book you think should win 2009 Best Romance and why.

Or, if you have another favorite that didn’t make the list, you can go ahead and tell us about it too.

(And I’d love it if you’d repeat your comment over on the LDS Fiction post for that book.)

3 thoughts on “Which Book Would You Pick as the 2009 Best General Fiction?”

  1. I loved the story of Eyes Like Mine. It kept me entertained and wanting to keep reading. Julie Wright always adds humor to her stories that make them engaging.

  2. I think all those books sound amazing even though I haven't had the opportunity to read them.

  3. I've heard so much good about Jamie Ford's book "Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet." I vote for that one.

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