Gifts and Consequences by Daniel Coleman

Title: Gifts and Consequences

Author: Daniel Coleman


Release Date: July 02, 2011


Size: ebook

Genre: General (??)

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When multi-millionaire Jonathan Wheeler’s wife contracts a debilitating illness, it transforms both of their lives. No longer concerned with business and finance, Jonathan turns his attention to giving. But no gift comes without a price, and those unwilling to pay the price learn that no gift comes without a consequence.

The recipients of these gifts vary as greatly as the terms of Jonathan’s unusual contracts. From the high school Senior who gets sold-out concert tickets, and the food addict who receives tuition to a weight loss program, to the man who is given the chance to walk to the ends of the earth to save his true love’s life.

Each accepts the gift with the understanding that there’s always a catch, and anyone who agrees to Jonathan’s terms risks losing even more than they stand to gain.

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