Going On Vacation…

I’m taking a summer vacation, so I’m suspending the Comment Contest for July and August. I’d still appreciate your comments but there won’t be any prizes until September.

Even though I’m on a break, you’ll want to check back here a couple of times a week because I’ll be doing a “Best of”—posting some of the more popular and/or more informative posts a few days a week through the rest of the summer. And there’s always the possibility that Jeff will show up again, or I may have a few other guest posters from time to time.

You’ll want to start working on your Christmas stories (limit 3,000 words) because we’ll have our annual contest when I come back in September!

And keep checking the LDS Fiction blog, as usual. I will still be posting new releases over there.

Oh, and the winners of the June comment contest are posted here.