Desert Stars by Joe Vasicek

Title: Desert Stars (book 3)

Author: Joe Vasicek

Publisher: Self

Release Date: December 19, 2011


Size: eBook; 100,000 words

Genre: Science Fiction

Gaia Nova Series: Bringing Stella Home (bk 1), Sholpan (bk 2)

Caution: This book may contain objectionable content. (PG-13)

He was the sole heir to the Najmi camp, a young man raised by tribesmen after falling to the desert from his home among the stars. She was the sheikh’s most beautiful daughter, promised his hand in marriage–if she can convince him to stay.

Together, they must travel to a land where glass covers the sky and men traverse the stars as easily as tribesmen cross the desert. Here, at the ancient temple dedicated to the memory of Earth, they hope to find the answers that will show them the way home.

But when love and honor clash, how can they face their destiny when it threatens to tear them apart?

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