Totally Cliché by Mormon Mommy Writers

Title: Totally Cliché

Author: Mormon Mommy Writers (Kasey Tross, Debra Efert, Cathy Witbeck & More)

Publisher: Mormon Mommy Writers

Release Date: December 8, 2011

ISBN: 978-1468024753

Size: 160 pages, 6×9, paperback

Genre: Short Story Collection

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What do an escaped convict, a vampire, a zombie, and Prince Charming all have in common? They are only some of the characters to grace the pages of the short story collection that pays homage to cliches.

Mormon Mommy Writers presents “Totally Cliche”, a collection of short stories including:

  • “Alice in Clicheland” by Kasey Tross – What’s a writer to do when all she can think of is cliches? Perhaps visit Castle Cliche in Clicheland where all IS as it seems!
  • “Scared Stiff by Debra Erfert – Sammy is a girl that has never been scared her entire life despite her best efforts. Will that all change on a dark and stormy night?
  • “Mirage” by Cathy Witbeck – Leslie’s mother was killed twenty years ago, yet when her mother’s previous employer seeks Leslie as their newest employee, she may be headed for the same fate. 

Be sure to read these and many more stories to get your cliche fix today!

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