Pick a Cover

Which of these two covers do you like better for the new Christmas anthology?

With the frame? Or without?

Click on image to enlarge.


You’re not judging the details, like exact color matching or if the drop shadow is perfect. These are quick and dirty mock-ups using comp copies of the images (ergo, the white stripes and the iStockphoto logos on them).

We’re looking for an over all feel and gut reaction to the cover. Ask yourself, “If this book was displayed face out on my local bookstore shelf, which one would I be more likely to pick up?”

You can say why if you want. This will help us tweak things, even if we don’t go with your choice.

This is not necessarily a majority rules decision. We are definitely leaning toward one over the other. But we also want to know what YOU think.


P.S.  You may or may not have noticed that we went with Kasey’s suggestion for a subtitle. Kasey, send me an email with your full name so we can mention you in the credits.


11 thoughts on “Pick a Cover”

  1. For me, without the frame…the frame is too busy, whereas without the frame, one can see exactly what’s what

  2. Without the frame, for sure. The font should be changed too, it’s hard to read, especially at the subtitle.

  3. I like the frame because it matches the first book and makes them look like a set. I also like how the frame makes it look like a window that you are looking into. However, the frame makes it hard to read the word Checking

  4. It is very difficulty to read. You need to have the title at least readable when thumbnail sized.

    The problem with frames on book covers it that if the trimming is off, the whole thing is crooked. Not a good look. And you lose a lot of space when you have a frame. I prefer the cleaner look without.

  5. I like it without the frame, but I do like the subtitle under the snowglobe. The one without the frame does need to show more of Santa’s suit, though, so we know whose face it is. I don’t love the font either, but I love the overall graphic! Lovely!

  6. I like it with the frame. The other picture looks too big and sprawly without it, at least to my eyes. Also, I think it fits nicely with the other book, which also had a frame.

    As for the font, when the pics are thumbnail-sized, I can just barely read the title, but nothing else.

  7. I think the santa graphic is kind of creepy… and unfortunately I judge books by their covers and it wouldn’t make it on my shelf… but I like the snow globe.

  8. On first glance I liked the one without the frame, but the more I looked I would be more likely to buy the one with the frame.

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