Whitney Finalists—I’m Speculating…

Did you think I was going to guess the winners? Nope. This is a review of the finalists for a  Whitney Award in the Speculative categories.


City of the Saints Flight From Blithmore Earthbound The Hollow City The Penitent
D. J. Butler Jacob Gowans Theresa Sneed Dan Wells C. David Belt

Youth Adult—Speculative

Demons Destined Endlessly Everneath Feedback
Heather Frost Aprilynne Pike Kiersten White Brodi Ashton* Robison Wells

Like yesterday, I want your comments!

In the comments, tell us:

• How many of these 10 finalists have you read?

• Which ones did you really, really love?

• And if you had to pick just one from each category—like, if you were at the bookstore and you only had enough money to buy ONE book—which is your winner and WHY?

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2 thoughts on “Whitney Finalists—I’m Speculating…”

  1. I read all of them. In Speculative, I really liked the creepy, twisty-turny stuff in The Hollow City and how it sort of leaves you wondering. I also really liked Earthbound, but to me, it was more of a YA storyline. So I’d have to go with Hollow City. Unless I was in the mood for YA.

    For Youth Speculative—this was one of the hardest to pick because I really, really liked 4 out of the 5. But I think I’d go with Everneath. It’s a story line I haven’t seen before and I really liked the clever way she did the “before” and “after” chapters.

  2. I’ve read 4 of those ones. I really loved Everneath and Endlessly. If I were going to buy just one from each category, I’d probably buy Everneath because it was that good, and Earthbound because I’ve liked other books by Theresa Sneed..

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