Storymakers Conference Hints

Today’s Hint:

If you’ve ever been to a LDStorymakers Conference, you’ve probably passed me in the hall.

Or attended a class I was in.

Or sat next to me for a meal.

The very first time I went to Storymaker’s, I wore my work uniform—the one from my day job, way back when I worked at a publishing company.

I’ve been to every Storymaker’s Conference since then, except for one year when I was indisposed.

And I’ve attended every single Whitney Awards Banquet. Yes, every one. So if you attended any of them, I was there.

Are you suspicious? Do you think you’ve figured it out?

Here are a few more hints:

There are photos of me in the 2012 Conference Album here.

And at the most recent conference, I attended classes taught by John Brown, Sheralynn Pratt, and Jaime Theler (among others).

Now I want to know about you.

Were you at Storymakers this year? What were your favorite classes?

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One thought on “Storymakers Conference Hints”

  1. I was at Storymakers too. I can’t remember all the classes I took, but my favorite was Anna Perry’s master class on Saturday morning. Loved it.

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